Kai Nielsen (Calgary): Cosmopolitanism Revisited: The Need for More than Armchair Thinking. Scott Timcke (West Indies): Raptures and Ruptures: Ideology in Late 20th, Early 21st Century Western Liberalism. Janosch Prinz (East Anglia) and Enzo Rossi (Amsterdam): Political Realism as Ideology Critique. David Runciman (Cambridge): Political Theory and Real Politics in the Age of the Internet. Matthew H. Kramer (Cambridge): Problems of Dirty Hands as a Species of Moral Conflicts. Duncan Ivison on a deep question in political philosophy: Why should I obey the law and the state more generally? Rafael Khachaturian on thinking with and against the state. Zachary Braiterman on Carl Schmitt, Donald Trump, and academic political theory. Thoughtfulness, truth and responsibility: Craig French on the uses and limits of political theory in dark times.

From the Congressional Research Service, an overview of recent tax reform proposals. Howard Gleckman on the theological battle over tax credits versus tax deductions. Tax reform is hard, tax cuts are easy: Ten glorious years of low, low taxes for the rich will be the fruit of Republican control of government. Ed Kilgore on 9 big questions about GOP tax reform. The 7 big questions Republicans have to answer on tax reform: “Is it tax reform at all” is a big one. It’s a ruse: Tax cuts can’t be financed by reducing government waste. Jared Bernstein on the nonreality of the current tax debate.

They’re coming for your tax returns, Donnie. Protesters plan “Tax March” on Washington demanding Trump’s tax returns. Republicans vote to block resolutions on Trump’s tax returns.

Cecilia Opatken-Ringdal (Toronto): “No Allies by Divine Right”: The Fall of Utopian Revolutionary Narratives in the 20th Century. Blackwater founder held secret Seychelles meeting to establish Trump-Putin back channel. The villainous Susan Rice is in the news yet again. Kira Lerner on the totally phony Susan Rice story, explained. Norman Podhoretz still picks fights and drops names: The former editor at Commentary magazine looks back at the fierce, argumentative parties of New York’s intelligentsia (and more). Order from noise: Felix Maschewski and Anna-Verena Nosthoff on Cambridge Analytica, cybernetic governance and the technopolitical imaginary. Scott McLemee reviews The Death of Expertise: The Campaign Against Established Knowledge and Why it Matters by Thomas Nichols.

Democratic Senators Tammy Duckworth and Catherine Cortez Masto say Neil Gorsuch refused to meet with them. We are dealing with toxic levels of smarm: Enough with Neil Gorsuch. Emily Bazelon and Eric Posner on the government Gorsuch wants to undo. Neil Gorsuch got where he is because of a form of affirmative action: Will he remember that if he makes it to the Supreme Court? Senate Republicans get the Supreme Court fight backwards. AP fact check: GOP’s selective history on Supreme Court fight. Can and should Mitch McConnell go nuclear? The showdown over Neil Gorsuch and the nuclear option, explained. Thread: “Even if you are quite to the left and think J. Gorsuch should be filibustered, it is self defeating to target red state Dem Senators”. If Gorsuch isn’t filibustered, the next Democratic nominee will be. Eric Levitz on why the filibuster deserves to die.

From Fusion, Ashley Feinberg and Anna Merlan on the conspiracy theories of Trumpland: A compleat and comprehensive bestiary. A brief list of conspiracy theories Sean Spicer would like the press to investigate instead of Russia. Masha Gessen on Russia: The conspiracy trap. How to talk about Trump and Russia without sounding like a conspiracy theorist. Why Republicans can’t find the big voter fraud conspiracy: If the last federal investigation is any guide, the answer is simple — it probably doesn’t exist. Alexandra Rosenmann on the 5 most deranged conspiracy theories from GOP mega-donors’ bizarro climate conference.

Marko Kovic and Tobias Fuchslin (Zurich): Probability and Conspiratorial Thinking. Knowledge in a conspiratorial world: Ori Freiman reviews The Philosophy of Conspiracy Theories by Matthew R. X. Dentith.