White House “pressuring” intelligence officials to find Iran in violation of nuclear deal. How Donald Trump is trying to blow up the Iran nuclear deal. Will Trump recertify Iran? Much hangs in the balance. Former UN Ambassador John Bolton has a plan to pull out of the Iran deal — it’s bad. Trump says Iran is violating the nuclear deal — it isn’t. Iran is adhering to nuclear deal limits, UN says, despite Donald Trump claim. Unfortunately for Trump, the Iran deal is still working. Trump’s case against the Iran nuclear deal has very little to do with nuclear weapons. Trump on Iran is a repeat of Bush on Iraq. More than 80 experts urge Trump not to abandon Iran nuclear deal. Obama hands scramble to save Iran deal.

The Europeans have 90 days to save the nuclear agreement with Iran. The Iran deal may live after all. Iranian public may be turning more skeptical, hostile toward US.

Elena Pikulina (UBC) and Chloe Tergiman (Penn State): Preferences for Power. D. A. Jeremy Telman (Valparaiso): Introduction: Hans Kelsen for Americans. Some crypto-capitalists just want to see the world burn. Nathan Robinson on a quick reminder of why colonialism was bad: Ignoring or downplaying colonial atrocities is the moral equivalent of Holocaust denial. Andrew Jacobs and Matt Richtel on how big business got Brazil hooked on junk food. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is worse than Sean Spicer. It’s not “liberal bias” for the press to oppose lies and bigotry. Experts say the use of private email by Trump’s voter fraud commission isn’t legal. The generation game: It makes no sense, but typecasting generations is more popular than ever.

Matthew Yglesias on what really happened in 2016, in 7 charts. The my mother/my self: Nell Painter reviews The Destruction of Hillary Clinton by Susan Bordo. A wonk on the wild side: Hillary Clinton’s book is a technocrat’s lament. The Democratic campaign against complexity: Hillary Clinton’s loss to Trump was blamed partly on her wonky nuance — should Bernie Sanders’s simplicity represent the party's future? Sarah Lerner: “Steve Bannon got a 60 Minutes feature & Sean Spicer got an #Emmys cameo, but Hillary Clinton needs to ‘shut up & go away’? Mmkay”. Hillary Clinton’s legacy is huge and lasting: Far from being a historical footnote, she’s a pathbreaking pioneer.

Mark Lilla’s comfort zone: Kimberle Williams Crenshaw on how liberal discourse flattens out the work of critical race analysis. Mychal Denzel Smith on what liberals get wrong about identity politics. Blaming identity politics is like saying “all lives matter”. The Democratic Party needs to become a workers’ party. Josh Marshall on on the intra-Democratic divide. Democrats should stop fighting the last war. What do centrist Democrats even stand for? As Bernie Sanders and the progressive wing pull the party leftward, moderates are hoping to convince voters that they have big ideas, too.

John Judis on redoing the electoral math: “I argued that demographics favored the Democrats. I was wrong”. With their party’s future on the line in the states, Democrats can’t agree on a playbook. Democrats need to make a moral argument for their positions. Democrats, attack: The proper response to a small number of rich people systematically robbing the rest of us is not to suggest that they rob us slightly less — the proper response is to take their shit so they can’t hurt us any more. Angry about Donald Trump? Stop protesting and start writing.