Here’s why you should pay attention to this weekend’s German election. The German elections are not boring — they are troubling. Merkel’s legacy: As Germany prepares to head to the polls, the chancellor’s exhausted, Europe’s in shambles, and a neo-Nazi party is on the rise. These young German voters explain why Angela Merkel is on course for a fourth term as chancellor. The Angela Merkel model — or how to succeed in German politics. The German Left is its own worst enemy: Could Germany’s left-wing parties unseat Angela Merkel in Sunday’s election? In Germany, immigrants are becoming a serious political force. German elections could bring a new wave of extremism. There is meddling in Germany's election — not by Russia, but by U.S. right wing. Trump boosting Merkel’s re-election campaign because he’s so unpopular in Germany.

Facebook and Twitter bots are starting to influence our politics, a new study warns. Are tech companies lazy, incompetent, or greedy? Facebook’s war against fake news isn’t working. Mark Zuckerberg’s fake news problem isn’t going away. Facebook is broken: The problem is this — Facebook has become a feedback loop which can and does, despite its best intentions, become a vicious spiral. Brian Stelter on why it’s so hard to trust Facebook. Facebook’s harm is taking life out of context: Tyler Cowen on what once seemed like a social problem is becoming a civic one as well. Facebook faces a new world as officials rein in a wild web.

Asha Rangappa on how Facebook changed the spy game. Election interference is what Facebook is built for. Facebook wins, democracy loses: Healthy democracies have transparency in political advertising — that doesn’t matter to Facebook. Are we missing a big part of the Facebook story? Meet Ann M. Ravel, the woman who warned about Russian election meddling years ago — and got death threats. What the Facebook search warrant means for Mueller’s Russia probe. Facebook hands over data to Congress and promises better disclosure on political ads.

Djamila Tais Ribeiro dos Santos (Unifesp): Black Feminism for a New Civilizatory Framework. Peter Baumann (Swarthmore) and Gisela Cramer (UNAL): Power, Soft or Deep? An Attempt at Constructive Criticism. A controversial article praises colonialism — but colonialism’s real legacy was ugly. Third World Quarterly row: Why some western intellectuals are trying to debrutalise colonialism. Betsy Rader: “I was born in poverty in Appalachia. Hillbilly Elegy doesn’t speak for me”. How Republicans are trying to pass the buck on health care. Given what we know now, some of the Steele dossier’s claims aren’t so crazy. Karen L. Cox on why historians need to use their power now.

Equifax was always dirty, it bills the US government for millions, and was repeatedly hacked. Josh Marshall on the real problem with Equifax. Why didn’t Equifax protect your data? Because corporations have all the power. Why don’t normal liability rules put Equifax out of business? Get rid of Equifax: The government can take over — why should private companies make money on our credit reports?

Allen R. Kamp (John Marshall): The English Legacy of the Second Amendment: History and Myth. Robert J. Cottrol (George Washington) and George A. Mocsary (Southern Illinois): Guns, Bird Feathers, and Overcriminalization: Why Courts Should Take the Second Amendment Seriously. Navid Khazanei (CUNY) and Max J Andrucki (Temple): First Amendment Homesickness, Second Amendment Homecoming: Hannah Arendt and 501(c) Militias. William D. Araiza (Brooklyn): Arming the Second Amendment — and Enforcing the Fourteenth. Cody James Jacobs (Chicago-Kent): The Second Amendment and Private Law. Areto A. Imoukhuede (Nova Southeastern): Gun Rights and the New Lochnerism.

Donald Trump’s foreign policy doctrine makes no sense: His rambling, incoherent speech to the U.N. General Assembly was proof that the president only has one audience in mind — and it isn’t a global one. Did Trump just do “Rocket Man” a favor? Trump threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea — experts explain how worrisome that is. Trump’s eagerness to provoke North Korea could lead to disaster. What the heck is happening with North Korea? Two people who actually know are as scared of Trump as of Kim Jong Un. Trump signs new North Korea sanctions with goal of “complete denuclearization”.