What will the GOP do about the sexual misconduct allegations against Roy Moore? Republicans rush to give alleged child molester Roy Moore the benefit of the doubt. The GOP looks stuck with Roy Moore. Top Alabama GOPers blast McConnell, defend Roy Moore after underage sex allegations. “Amazing thread. Not in a good way”. Roy Moore uses his alleged sexual abuse of 14-year-old girl to raise money. Poll: White evangelicals have warmed to politicians who commit “immoral” acts. Rev. Dr. Barber: “Almost every policy Roy Moore stands for threatens poor & vulnerable children, but it took accusation of child abuse/sexual assault for GOP to shun him”.

Martin Skladany (Penn State): Technology Unions: How Technology Employees Can Advocate for Internet Freedom, Privacy, Intellectual Property Reform, and the Greater Good. In Silicon Valley, working 9 to 5 is for losers. Inside the world of Silicon Valley's “coasters”, the millionaire engineers who get paid gobs of money and barely work. The great Silicon Valley land grab: As California’s tech empires expand into futuristic campuses, long-time residents are being priced out. Zucktown, USA: Facebook, Amazon, and Google are reviving the ill-fated “company towns” of the Gilded Age. Thanks to Amazon, Seattle is now America’s biggest company town.

Chris Reed, Katarzyna Budzynska, Rory Duthie, Mathilde Janier, Barbara Konat, John Lawrence, Alison Pease, and Mark Snaith (Dundee): The Argument Web: An Online Ecosystem of Tools, Systems and Services for Argumentation. Is the Trump administration objecting to a big merger to punish CNN? Yeah, CNN is getting stepped on. Brave enough to be angry: Women are seething, and we are a force. Thread: “I have some things to say about the Texas shooting. It’s gonna piss some people off, and that’s too bad. It needs to be said”. In reversal, Notre Dame will continue to cover contraception for employees. ObamaCare signups surge in early days to set new record. Judith Butler being called a witch in Brazil.

Trump’s know-nothing approach to foreign policy isn’t just embarrassing — it’s also dangerous. China isn’t the first country to flatter its way to Trump’s heart — it won't be the last. “Flattery never hurts, of course, but what Abe and Xi are doing is so obvious that it’s hard to believe it would work even on Trump. But apparently it does. Trump is so titanically un-self-aware that he apparently has no idea that his hosts are all but openly mocking him”.

Brian Beutler on a body blow to Trumpism. Ed Kilgore on the uncertain future of Trumpism without Trump. Trumpism without Trump doesn’t work: Bad news for Republicans in 2018. John Sides on 4 important takeaways from the Virginia governor’s race. The anti-Trump wave has come, and Republicans can’t stop it. The Left had a great election night — will Democrats take advantage? One year after Trump’s victory, the Democrats aren’t in disarray. The Democrats’ disarray is good for the party: A diverse coalition necessarily includes warring factions, and civil wars help it evolve. So there’s infighting among Democrats? That’s not necessarily a bad thing. What the election night wins tell us about the future of transgender politics.

Seven weeks after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Ricans still can’t access programs that fed millions in Texas and Florida. Official says Puerto Rico needs “unprecedented” federal help. U.S. emergency response efforts in Puerto Rico aren’t good enough, U.N. experts say. Appeal to Puerto Rican diaspora intensifies amid post-hurricane crisis. Jose Andres fed Puerto Rico, and may change how aid is given. The now-cancelled Puerto Rico power contract was so shady the FBI is investigating it. The Whitefish contract in Puerto Rico shows the real cost of bad government. Profiting from Puerto Rico’s pain: Hurricane Maria finally scared away debtholders — but other vultures continue to feed off the island. Puerto Rico’s path toward recovery a complicated picture.

From Public Seminar, a roundtable on Reading Adorno on Fascism in the Age of Trump. Ira Katznelson on what America taught the Nazis: In the 1930s, the Germans were fascinated by the global leader in codified racism — the United States. This is what happens when 6,000 neo-Nazis get together: Johannes Musial goes to Germany’s largest ultranationalist festival, Rock Against Uberfremdung. Seyla Benhabib on the return of fascism: From Germany to Greece, far-right nationalists are attacking migrants, raiding mosques, and winning elections. Why we have to cut off the head of fascism again and again: From Oswald Mosley’s Blackshirts in 1930s London to the recent violence in Charlottesville, the cult of hatred lives on.

Bruce Krajewski (Texas): What if Your Hero Is a Fascist? Angela Dimitrakaki (Edinburgh): The Ecstasies of Europe, or, Drinking with Fascists. Is there ever a right time to talk to your children about fascism?

Mark Lemley (Stanford): Can the Patent Office Be Fixed? Syria just agreed to sign the Paris climate agreement, making the US the only holdout. Tax rogues like Bono are harming the world’s poorest people. GOPer on tax cuts: Donors are saying “get it done or don’t ever call me again”. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross lied about being billionaire. Scarborough: “Washington would be melting down” if shooter was “named Muhammad”. Trump, Gillespie and the Same Old Party: Trumpism has taken over the G.O.P. because the party was mostly there already. What Donna Brazile got right and what she got wrong. The controversy over Disney blacklisting the LA Times, explained.

We’re again testing how much bullshit American politics can withstand: Enter Carter Page. Carter Page’s testimony is filled with bombshells — and supports key portions of the Steele dossier. With Manafort, it really is about Russia, not Ukraine. At least nine people in Trump’s orbit had contact with Russians during campaign and transition. The case for collusion is deepening.

Lisa Heinzerling (Georgetown): The Legal Problems (So Far) of Trump’s Deregulatory Binge. Timothy Taylor on parsing Trump’s deregulation plans. Trump’s nominee for consumer protection is a big defender of dangerous products. Republicans are propping up scammers and cheaters. Swamp things: More than 50% of President Trump’s nominees have ties to the industries they’re supposed to regulate. The Mueller indictments aren’t stopping the GOP from pursuing its craven agenda: Trump is in hot water, but Republicans are still pushing forward his plans to cut taxes on the rich and defang the EPA.

Scott Pruitt doesn’t let investigations get in the way of his regulatory rollback. What rolling back the Clean Power Plan means for the US climate fight. Why gas the E.P.A. shifted on toxic chemicals? An industry insider helps call the shots.

From the Congressional Research Service, who regulates whom? An overview of the U.S. financial regulatory framework. Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve Stanley Fischer says Trump’s push to deregulate Wall Street “may be taking us in a direction that is very dangerous”. Republicans want to sideline this regulator — but it may be too popular. Trump’s Wall Street watchdog undercuts a key consumer protection.

From the New Yorker, Ronan Farrow on Harvey Weinstein’s army of spies: The film executive hired private investigators, including ex-Mossad agents, to track actresses and journalists. Paz de la Huerta says Harvey Weinstein raped her twice — will that bring him to justice? Terrible men, terrible apologies: A taxonomy of sorry celebrity statements, from Harvey Weinstein’s incoherent rant to Kevin Spacey’s failed diversion tactic. The usual suspects: Jacob Bacharach on Kevin Spacey and the problem of the “open secret” — from Hollywood to Broadway. Oxford University places Tariq Ramadan on leave amid rape claims. Claims of sexual harassment at BBC spike after Weinstein scandal. Global media confronts its own Weinsteins. Lizzie O’Leary describes sexual harassment in journalism.

Sexual harassment is a huge problem in politics, too — what can we do about it? Congress wants to make harassment trainings mandatory — science shows they don’t work. How corporations create a culture of impunity for sexual harassers. Increased sexual harassment complaints have companies investing in insurance against sexual harassment complaints. Hollywood and evangelicals respond to sexual harassment/assault. Trump was expressing political opinion by calling sexual-harassment accusers “liars”, his attorneys argue.

How confidentiality agreements hurt — and help — victims of sexual harassment. Mimi Kramer on the double life of the “respectable” men who harass women. Thread: “One pattern: Men benefit professionally from sexual harassment. Even those who don’t harass”. This is why sexual harassment can’t truly be rooted out. All the angry ladies: The Weinstein moment has had a side effect — the mobilization and the normalization of women’s rage.

Mattis says threat of nuclear attack by N.Korea accelerating. Pence to U.S. troops on North Korea: “Be ready”. Armageddon by accident: Trump and Kim’s brinkmanship raises the danger of an accidental conflict on the Korean Peninsula. Can Kim Jong-un control his nukes? North Korean defector warns US military strike would spark immediate retaliation. War with Kim Jong Un “must not happen”, South Korea says. North Korea defector says information more dangerous than US threats. The Korean missile crisis: Why deterrence is still the best option. America could subdue North Korea’s nuclear threats with a not-so-grand bargain. Democrats push bill to stop a Trump pre-emptive strike on North Korea. Almost half of Republicans want war with North Korea, a new poll says.

Xi Jinping sends rare message to Kim Jong-un in sign relations could be improving. How North Korea could start the unthinkable: War between America and China. Three reasons why Japan will likely continue to reject nuclear weapons.