Thomas Linsenmaier (Tartu), Dennis R. Schmidt (Durham), and Kilian Spandler (Gothenburg): Norm Ambiguity and the Ethics of Global Governance. Steven Slaughter (Deakin): Republican Global Governance. Attila Tanyi (Tromso) and Andras Miklos (Rochester): Institutional Consequentialism and Global Governance. Alexander E. Kentikelenis (Oxford) and Leonard Seabrooke (CBS): The Politics of World Polity: Script-writing in International Organizations. Pavel Dufek and Michal Mochtak (Masaryk): A Case for Global Democracy? Arms Exports and Conflicting Goals in Democracy Promotion. Venkat Gundumella (IIM): Global Governance, Institutions and the BRICS.

A renaissance on the Right: Fundamental issues are suddenly up for debate, thanks to a burst of intellectual creativity. What’s really at stake in the battle for “ideological diversity” at elite media outlets. The only honest right wing pundit is a violent one. Who has any use for conservative intellectuals? “The market for bullshit can remain irrational longer than you can remain sane”. Paul Krugman on unicorns of the intellectual right. Hackery or heresy: As with evangelicals, libertarians and the Republican base as a whole, the last few years have shown that the most lurid leftwing caricatures of free-market economists have turned out to be understatements.

Glenn Furton and Alexander William Salter (Texas Tech): Doing Liberal Political Economy: James M. Buchanan as Exemplar. From Starbucks to hashtags: We need to talk about why white Americans call the police on black people (and more). Japan wonders if Abe can bounce back again after scandals pile up (and more). Michael Anton addresses his critics, affirms support for Trump. Is James Comey helping? Trump puts the brakes on new Russian sanctions, reversing Haley’s announcement. Lula arrested: How successful a coup? Serving the kids: Oklahoma’s teachers give us lessons on political action. In the postwar period it was understood to be the fundamental malaise of modern life — why aren’t we “alienated” any more?

Edward Castronova (Indiana): The Challenge of VR to the Liberal Democratic Order. Peter Rubin interviews Jaron Lanier, author of Dawn of the New Everything: Encounters with Reality and Virtual Reality. Why augmented reality is about to take over your world. Who framed augmented reality? Johannah King-Slutzky on the history of an age-old novelty. Headset hypocrisy: John Tinnell reviews Experience on Demand: What Virtual Reality Is, How It Works, and What It Can Do by Jeremy Bailenson. Are we already living in virtual reality? A new technology — virtual embodiment — challenges our understanding of who and what we are. Is the VR universe in Ready Player One possible?

As attorney general of Oklahoma, Scott Pruitt was a big spender in a small state. Here’s why Scott Pruitt still has a job. Scott Pruitt’s ethics problems are conservative ideology in action. Trump businesses made millions off Republican groups and federal agencies, report says. Donald Trump’s corruption means he’ll never be a “normal” commander in chief. Form New York, Margaret Hartmann on every embarrassing story Michael Cohen tried to squash; and Jonathan Chait on Michael Cohen and the busting of the Trump crime family. Cohen isn’t the biggest catch from Trump World: Other players know far more about the president’s dealings than his lawyer does. Brian Beutler on the end stage of the Trump presidency, and the gangsterization of America. Kakistocracy, a 374-year-old word that means “government by the worst”, just broke the dictionary.