Future of the Party: Here is a new report making the case for a progressive Democratic party. The Left needs to battle for democracy as viciously as the fight fights for power: Joshua Holland interviews David Faris, author of It’s Time to Fight Dirty: How Democrats Can Build a Lasting Majority in American Politics. Progressivism as a brand: Beware candidates who have suddenly discovered that they support left-wing goals. De Leon vs Feinstein, Cuomo vs Nixon highlight a crossroads for labor and progressives. Memo to Democrats: A progressive economic agenda is popular. If Democrats listened to their voters, they’d be moving left. Affluent Democrats aren’t an obstacle to economic populism.

Eric Schickler on debunking the myth that “identity politics” is bad for the Democratic Party. How can Democrats connect “identity politics” to economics? Democrats can win by tackling race and class together — here’s proof. Democrats shouldn’t give in to white racism: The idea that the Democratic Party should back off its commitment to civil rights is as misguided as it is ugly. Democrats are changing their minds about race, and the youth are leading the way.

Nancy LeTourneau on sifting through the advice everyone is giving Democrats. Democrats’ “civil war” is more civil than war: The party will stick together until Trump is gone.

From Vox, the North Korea nuclear standoff: How we went from “fire and fury” to talks in under a year. Margaret Hartmann on how the U.S. and North Korea are preparing for the Trump-Kim summit. From RAND, James Dobbins on what will Kim Jong Un want and what he might give. Pompeo’s visit suggests the Trump-Kim summit is on track — here’s why Kim is ready to talk. Pompeo’s meeting with Kim went “smoothly” — Trump’s meeting with Kim might not. Trump reportedly thinks he alone can solve the North Korea crisis by talking to Kim Jong Un. From the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, a roadmap for the day after the Trump-Kim summit.

Why killing the Iran deal makes Trump’s North Korea talks much, much harder. Jaw-jaw better than war-war: Neither limited bombing nor full-scale war would end nuclear proliferation in either Iran or North Korea so much as make it permanent.

R. A. Briggs (Stanford) and G. A. Forbes (Kent): The Future, and What Might Have Been. From Vox, Ezra and Sam Harris debate race, IQ, identity politics, and much more; and The Bell Curve is about policy — and it’s wrong (and more). The tantrum over babies on the Senate floor, explained. James Ho, first-time judge appointed by Trump, issues his very first opinion — it’s a doozy. Senate confirms climate change denier Jim Bridenstine to lead NASA. Matt Lauer, Mario Batali, and Garrison Keillor are all eyeing a return — #MeToo is at risk. What will the philosophy of Kanye West sound like? Peter Thiel’s data-mining company is using War on Terror tools to track American citizens, but the scary thing? Palantir is desperate for new customers.

Officials confirm that Trump bombed Syria to validate his tweets: “He does not use propaganda as means for advancing his preferred policies; he uses policy as a tool for advancing his preferred propaganda”. Dear Bashar al-Assad apologists: Your hero is a war criminal even if he didn’t gas Syrians.

Amid the Trump chaos, public opinion is remarkably stable. White evangelical support for Donald Trump at all-time high. White evangelicals are Trump’s base: Conservatives like to think of anti-Trump folk as living in a bubble — could it be that pro-Trump white Evangelicals are isolated from everyone else? White working-class voters may not care about Trump scandals. Trumpism doesn’t divide GOP voters — but conservatism does. Experiment proves that conservatives are little baby snowflakes who act the way they do because everything terrifies them. Turns out everyone loves “identity politics” — especially Republicans. Nancy LeTourneau on authoritarianism and the identity politics of the Republican Party.

Clay Risen on how the party of Lincoln became the party of racial backlash. If taxes aren’t working, will desperate Republicans keep turning to race-based attacks? Thuy Linh Tu and Nikhil Pal Singh on the deepening of morbid symptoms that have come to define America’s racial-capitalist order over the past several decades.

Benjamin Wittes goes behind James Comey’s A Higher Loyalty. James Comey isn’t the hero we deserve — but he’s the hero we need. Republicans are actively interfering in the Mueller probe to protect Trump. Mitch McConnell is inviting a constitutional crisis. Trump’s assault on the rule of law is working. Can Trump pardon his way out of the Mueller probe? Josh Marshall: “Cohen-ology pays off after all”. It might not matter whether or not Michael Cohen flips on Donald Trump. Why do Trump’s defenders assume he’s guilty? With friends like these, the president should probably reconsider his messaging strategy. Martin Longman goes inside the dirty tricks of Roger Stone.