Onni Hirvonen and Joonas Pennanen (Jyvaskyla): Populism as a Pathological Form of Politics of Recognition. Myriam Hunter-Henin (UCL): The Legal Face of Populism: From the Classroom to the Courtroom. Michael Abramowitz and Nate Schenkkan on how illiberal leaders attack civil society: What’s happening in Central Europe is part of a larger trend. Kung Pao with the brownshirts: My evening with the German far Right. Italy’s populists get a green light to govern, in new threat to Europe (and more). Matt O’Brien on how the euro is helping Europe’s far-right. Liberal politics and the challenge of white supremacy: Jamil Khader on anti-anti-Eurocentrism and the question of identity politics.

Simon Brunner and Lucia Waldner interview Francis Fukuyama on the return to the past. What’s the matter with Europe? A discredited elite and dark forces rising — sound familiar?

From Vox, South Korea is scrambling to figure out WTF just happened with the Trump-Kim summit; the real reason Trump’s North Korea summit failed; and why did anyone ever take Trump’s North Korea diplomacy seriously? Surprise: Donald Trump is terrible at diplomacy. President Trump is a better dealbreaker than dealmaker. Trump walks away from more deals than he makes. “It’s a nightmare scenario”: how Trump’s North Korea spectacle fits his pattern. Trump’s North Korea withdrawal was so typically erratic and bombastic that it was totally predictable. John Bolton’s wrecking ball takes down North Korea summit. Why the world is better off without a Trump-Kim summit.

Trump sounds like he’s itching for war, as he warns North Korea against “foolish and reckless” acts. Should you worry about a U.S. war with North Korea? Not really. Why nuclear war with North Korea is less likely than you think.

MIS: Pettit Philip (ANU): Democracy before, in, and after Schumpeter. Andras Szigeti (Linkoping) and John Michael (Warwick): The Group Knobe Effect. Life without U.S. begins for world powers trying to save Iran deal. “Shame on you, Jared Kushner”: Harvard alumni tear apart classmate in 15th reunion notes. What LSD and other psychedelics can do for the no longer young: Laura Miller reviews How to Change Your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence by Michael Pollan (and more). “But does that really matter?” Kevin Tobia on how ignoring small harms is a moral mistake, and neglecting small harms can have surprisingly large consequences.

Most unpatriotic president ever says kneeling NFL players “shouldn’t be in the country”. All Colin Kaepernick ever did was ask: NFL kneeling isn't just a protest — it's a plea. It’s time to cancel the NFL and its plantation-style politics.

Seungbae Park (UNIST): Moral Vegetarianism vs. Moral Omnivorism. Nathan Cofnas (Oxford): Is Vegetarianism Healthy for Children? Michael Glover (Free State): Animals Off the Menu: A Racist Proposal? Nathan Runkle on the worst thing you’re doing for animal rights and the environment. The USDA goes hog wild: A new proposal could take American slaughter factories back to the days of The Jungle. Corey Lee Wrenn (Monmouth): Trump Veganism: A Political Survey of American Vegans in the Era of Identity Politics. The unstoppable rise of veganism: How a fringe movement went mainstream. The truth about the “vegan lobby”: It has long been demonized by conservatives — and even some vegans themselves — but does it really exist?

David Axelrod (Montclair State): On the Likelihood of God’s Existence: An Econometric Perspective. Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa (UBC): Faith and Epistemology. Stanislaw Judycki (Gdansk): How Do We Recognize God? The Most Important Epistemological Question of Christian Philosophy. Rene Van Woudenberg and Hans Van Eyghen (VU Amsterdam): Most Peers Don’t Believe It, Hence It Is Probably False. Jason Megill (Bentley) and Dan Linford (Purdue): On The Unimportance of Theistic Belief. Ryan Preston-Roedder (Occidental): Three Varieties of Faith. Patrick Todd (Edinburgh): Does God Have the Moral Standing to Blame? Lloyd Strickland (MMU): The Problem of Religious Evil: Does Belief in God Cause Evil? Franklin Perkins (Hawaii): Evil as a Problem in Non-Theistic Contexts. Simon Kittle (Innsbruck): Some Problems of Heavenly Freedom. God said it, I believe it, that settles it (except it doesn’t).