From the Congressional Research Service, a report on the U.S. Role in the World: Background and Issues for Congress. Warren I. Cohen on his book A Nation Like All Others: A Brief History of American Foreign Relations. How U.S. foreign policy is being shaped by Trump’s tweets. Trump’s trust in his gut-driven, out-of-the-box approach to international relations grows. Daniel W. Drezner on the deep confusion of Trump’s foreign policy. Experts don’t like Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran deal — or his foreign policy in general. A senior White House official defines the Trump Doctrine: “We’re America, bitch”. What the Trump Doctrine’s inane slogans reveal about the president’s foreign policy.

Jeffrey S. Peake (Clemson): The Decline of Treaties? Obama, Trump, and the Politics of International Agreements. Trump’s fluid approach to national and economic security is leaving his allies baffled. Trump embracing US adversaries, pushing away its allies (and more). How Trump is killing America’s alliances: Trump’s betrayal of South Korea and trade spat with Justin Trudeau reveals the lasting damage he’s doing to the United States — and the world. Trump is justifying his attempt to destroy the Western alliance by accusing our allies of misdeeds that exist only in his imagination. Why “America First” means “Europe United”. The exorbitant cost of Trump’s America going it alone: Allies and adversaries are learning to sustain deals without the US. Under Trump, “America First” really is turning out to be America alone. Why MAGA is making America weak: China and Russia — not the U.S. — are the big winners of the Trump years.

In Trump, some fear the end of the world order. Heather Hurlburt on how to make sense of our collapsing global order. Are we witnessing the collapse of the global order? Probably not — yet. Will Trump’s damage to liberal internationalism be permanent? It's possible that the damage will be temporary, but it likely will not be. Trump isn’t fighting American decline — he’s speeding it up. Trump is making decline great again. Christopher A. Preble on adapting to American decline. Do Americans need to adapt to America in decline? The first chapter from American Empire: A Global History by A. G. Hopkins.

Kevin Funk (Florida) and Sebastian Sclofsky (Spring Hill): The Specter That Haunts Political Science: The Neglect and Misreading of Marx in International Relations and Comparative Politics. Peter Kurrild-Klitgaard (Copenhagen): Public Choice and Political Science: A View from Europe. Political scientists see the discipline’s historical division across four subareas as hindering their collective ability to understand Trump’s America — and its future. Daniel W. Drezner on teaching political science in the age of Trump. The academic blog “Monkey Cage” was once a hobby project of a handful of political scientists; now it is part of The Washington Post — what’s changed?

Govand Khalid Azeez (Macquarie) and Alejandra Gaitan-Barrera (Griffith): Power, Ideology, Politics and the Revolutionary Subject. From Congressional Research Service, a report on Navy ship names. Italy is how the euro crisis could end badly — Spain is how it could end well. Virginia gonna finally let poor people see doctors — tell us again how voting doesn’t matter? Recognizing authority, acknowledging power: Eli Weiner on concepts of control in Kojeve and Arendt (and part 2 and part 3). Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump made at least $82 million in outside income last year while serving in the White House, filings show. The introduction to Cracking the Code: The Challenge of a Semiotic Sociology by Andrea Cossu.

EPA chief Scott Pruitt tapped aide, donors to help wife land job at conservative group. Ask a pundit: Why does Scott Pruitt still have a job? Why Trump would really, really rather not fire Scott Pruitt: The EPA administrator has given the White House most of the few policy wins it has to date. Why Scott Pruitt has survived an avalanche of scandals — and why his survival could endanger the Trump administration. Amid ethics scrutiny, EPA’s Pruitt also finds his regulatory rollbacks hitting bumps. Would firing Scott Pruitt save the EPA? Not unless the most dangerous assault in the EPA’s history also ends.

Hugh Stephens (Calgary): The NAFTA Negotiations — and Canada’s Priority Watch List Designation: It’s All About the Leverage. Kevin Drum on our trade relationship with Canada in 2 charts and 200 words. Trump says Justin Trudeau’s G-7 comments will “cost him a lot of money”. Brad W. Setser on how a trade war with Canada makes no strategic sense. No one will win Trump’s fight between the U.S. and Canada. Finally, a president with the guts to stand up to Canada. Trump’s insults are bringing out Canada’s inner fiery nationalism. The case for invading America: The days of accepting American light beer and draft dodgers with nary a complaint are done — Canada, it’s time to fight.

Trump just struck a shockingly weak deal with North Korea (and more). Here’s how world leaders are reacting to the historic Trump-Kim summit. Trump and Kim got what they wanted — the rest of the world, not so much (and more and more). Robert Farley: “So yeah; the DPRK gets most of what it wants. On the upside, Northeast Asia is probably a little bit safer”. Does anyone know what the agreement Trump just signed in Singapore is supposed to mean? The North Korea summit was a triumph of Trumpian stagecraft, and the media fell for it. Erick Erickson: Obama would have been impeached for Kim summit. Trump is everything Republicans said Obama was.

Alexandra Bell on the merits of an unconventional approach. James Stavridis: “I was a Navy admiral. Here’s why ending ‘war games’ with South Korea would be a grave mistake”. Thread: “Post-presser, let’s just say it: Trump is a dove on North Korea”. How Donald Trump got played by a ruthless dictator. Trump’s 5 weirdest remarks about his summit with North Korea. Trump’s glowing portrait of Kim Jong Un: “Great personality”, “funny guy”, “talented”. Trump now sounds like a fan of North Korean repression. Donald Trump has successfully cleaned up North Korea’s brand. Flattering Trump will apparently get Kim Jong Un everywhere.