Marko Kovic (ZIPAR): The Strategic Paradox of Autonomous Weapons. From Filozofija i drustvo, Meisels Tamar (Tel Aviv): Targeted Killing with Drones? Old Arguments, New Technologies; and Srdan T. Korac (Belgrade): Depersonalisation of Killing: Towards a 21st Century Use of Force “Beyond Good and Evil?” The wounds of the drone warrior: Even soldiers who fight wars from a safe distance have found themselves traumatized — could their injuries be moral ones? Avengers in wrath: Dave Blair and Karen House on moral agency and trauma prevention for remote warriors. The “killer robots” are us: The campaign to ban autonomous weapons takes aim at technology, and lets humans off the hook.

A shadowy war’s newest front: A drone base rising from Saharan dust. Militant groups have drones — now what? Why the world needs to regulate autonomous weapons, and soon. When it comes to AI and weapons, the tech world needs philosophers. The importance of not having autonomous killer robots: The U.S. military is actively developing deadly uncontrolled drone swarms — stopping this madness should be a high priority.

Yaniv Roznai (IDC): Israel: A Crisis of Liberal Democracy? Liana Volach and Yaniv Roznai (IDC): Law Reform in Israel. Assaf Razin (Tel Aviv): Israel’s Immigration Story: Winners and Losers. Yinon Cohen (Columbia) and Neve Gordon (Queen Mary): Israel’s Biospatial Politics: Territory, Demography, and Effective Control. The last of the Tzaddiks: David Shulman reviews Rooted Cosmopolitans: Jews and Human Rights in the Twentieth Century by James Loeffler and The Wall and the Gate: Israel, Palestine, and the Legal Battle for Human Rights by Michael Sfard. Donald Trump’s New World Order: Adam Entous on how the President, Israel, and the Gulf states plan to fight Iran — and leave the Palestinians and the Obama years behind.

Landon Schnabel (Indiana) and Conrad Hackett and David McClendon (Pew): Where Men Appear More Religious Than Women: Turning a Gender Lens on Religion in Israel. Adam Kirsch on why Jewish history is so hard to write. The introduction to The Mystery of the Kibbutz: Egalitarian Principles in a Capitalist World by Ran Abramitzky. More Israelis are moving to the U.S. — and staying for good.

John Clark (Loyola): How an Anarchist Discovered the Earth. Turkey election: All you need to know about the June 24 polls. In an election that will give its winner unprecedented powers, Turkey’s formerly weak opposition has banded together, using the authoritarian president’s own tools against him. Is there any chance of Britain deciding to pull the plug on Brexit? All politics is national because all media is national. Ayush Banerjee on how pop culture influences 21st century international politics. Is America ready for the next superstorm? DSA says they’re coming after more Trump officials after ruining Kirstjen Nielsen’s dinner. The first chapter from Pricing Lives: Guideposts for a Safer Society by W. Kip Viscusi.

From TNR, why tyrants dehumanize the powerless: Trump’s anti-immigration rhetoric implies that migrants are less than human, invoking modern history's darkest moments; and the only images that can make people care about the plight of migrants are those of suffering children — that’s a problem. Family separation reveals the logic of Trumpism. “Stephen actually enjoys seeing those pictures at the border”: The West Wing is fracturing over Trump’s callous migrant-family policy. Helaine Olen on why Trump has upped the ante on cruelty. Why Border Patrol agents obey immoral orders: Sean Illing interviews Bernardo Zacka, author of When the State Meets the Street Public Service and Moral Agency.

From Vox, Dara Lind on the executive order Trump claims will end family separation, explained; on why keeping families together in immigration detention might not be much of a solution; and on how the Trump administration is deliberately starting a legal fight over family detention. Rebekah Entralgo on 4 things you need to know about Trump’s new immigration order. Trump’s astonishing reversal is no solution. Donald Trump wants credit for ending a family-separation crisis he created. A legislative fix to Trump’s family separation policy is impossible. Jonathan Chait on why Trump’s family-separation policy failed. Trump ended family separation because dehumanizing infants is hard.

A system designed for abused and neglected kids now must handle thousands who have been forcibly separated from their parents. Immigrant children as young as 14 housed at a juvenile detention center in Virginia say they were beaten while handcuffed and locked up for long periods in solitary confinement, left nude and shivering in concrete cells. Separated migrant children are headed toward shelters that have a history of abuse and neglect. Yes, you can call the border centers “concentration camps”, but apply the history with care. Mistreating refugee children is, sadly, all too American. Worldwide refugee population hits all-time high, U.S. intake reaches all-time low. The Trump administration is bragging about treating refugees well — seriously.

In Trump’s America, the conversation turns ugly and angry, starting at the top. “A blowtorch to the tinder”: Stoking racial tensions is a feature of Trump’s presidency. Daniel Denvir on the roots of Trump’s immigration barbarity. Family separation shows what Trump has in common with Europe’s far Right.

Rob Clucas (Hull) and Stephen Whittle (MMU): Nonbinary People and the Law. Kari J. Dockendorff and Claudia Geist (Utah): Gender Trouble Beyond the LGB and T: Gender Image and Experiences of Marginalization on Campus. R Barrett Marshall and Leonore Carpenter (Temple): Walking While Trans: Profiling of Transgender Women by Law Enforcement, and the Problem of Proof. Sharon Cruz (Yeshiva): The Search for Third Options in a Two-Bathroom Society. Where black feminist thought and trans feminism meet: Kai M. Green and Marquis Bey in conversation. Toward a trans feminism: An excerpt from Trans: A Quick and Quirky Account of Gender Variability by Jack Halberstam.

From the Atlantic Monthly, Jesse Singal on when children say they’re trans: The choices are fraught — and there are no easy answers. Atlantic cover story is a loud dog whistle for anti-transgender parents. National Review op-ed says treat trans people with basic dignity, right-wing loses it. Sherry F. Colb on the perceived threat of trans identity. World Health Organization finally stops classifying trans people as mentally ill.