It’s no accident that Facebook is so addictive: Henry Farrell interviews Siva Vaidhyanathan, author of Antisocial Media: How Facebook Disconnects Us and Undermines Democracy. When it comes to politics, people are angry online as never before. The high school we can’t log off from: Twitter rewards us for our mistakes — it isn’t designed to let us grow up. What's the matter with Twitter? The problem with Twitter, as shown by the Sarah Jeong fracas: Behind our Twitter wars lies Twitter’s problems. Some online “mobs” are vicious — others are perfectly rational. The one law that’s the cause of everything good and terrible about the Internet — and the push to change it, for good or ill.

In 2018, Tumblr is a joyless black hole. Wikipedia, the last bastion of shared reality: The culture wars are coming for the best utopian project of the early Internet — can it survive the informational anarchy that’s disrupted the rest of media?

From ProPublica, Ian MacDougall goes behind the criminal immigration law: Eugenics and white supremacy. Ruben G. Rumbaut (UC-Irvine), and Katie Dingeman and Anthony Robles (CSULA): Immigration and Crime and the Criminalization of Immigration. William Thomas Worster (Amsterdam): Deporting Dreamers as a Crime Against Humanity. Trump created an office to highlight immigrant crime — a year later, the results are underwhelming. Trump’s new strategy to demonize immigrants: An administration plan to punish legal residents who use public benefits is part of an ugly history of racializing welfare recipients in America.

Shelley Tremain (York): Philosophy of Disability as Critical Diversity Studies. Will Iran go nuclear over reimposed sanctions? Special report: America’s greatest threat is a hurricane-force cyberattack. Stop worrying about Kavanaugh, liberals — start winning the political argument. If Gretchen Whitmer is “the establishment”, progressives are winning. Enough with the shit, Green Party — the coming midterms are too important for your shenanigans. Why we need government to safeguard against the new robber barons: Competition among media companies is crucial to democracy. My son, Osama: The al-Qaida leader’s mother Alia Ghanem speaks for the first time. The introduction to Envy in Politics by Gwyneth H. McClendon (and more).

Meet Jared Holt, the guy who’s getting Alex Jones kicked off the Internet. Francis Fukuyama on social media and censorship: The idea that the big internet platforms are not media companies has never really been tenable, and the contradictions in their public protestations of neutrality have become ever more apparent over time.

From the TLS, where do the books belong? The book is a tesseract: The printed word is haunted and can allow us to travel through time. Alex Preston on how the “brainy” book became a publishing phenomenon. Barnes and Noble says sales of books related to anxiety are soaring — here’s why. What does immersing yourself in a book do to your brain? Maryann Wolf on neurochemistry, Lucia Berlin, and the dangers of empathy loss. How to write a book without losing your mind: Expert advice on ending procrastination and finishing that manuscript, dissertation, or other big project. No, you probably don’t have a book in you. Dan Sinykin on how computational analysis is teaching us to read in new ways. It’s never too late to be a reader again.

Andrew Manuel Crespo (Harvard): Impeachment as Punishment. The right way to talk about impeaching Donald Trump. Don’t fall for the biggest misconception about Robert Mueller’s endgame. Trump can’t count on the Supreme Court to save him from Mueller. Trump’s D.C. hotel, a clubhouse for his fans, may also be a 5-star conflict of interest. Don Franzen interviews Erwin Chemerinsky on Trump and emoluments. William Ruckelshaus, acting director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and deputy attorney general in 1973, on how only one other president has ever acted this desperate.

Fund for Trump aides drawn into Russia investigation raises $200,000. The shadow rulers of the VA: How Marvel Entertainment chairman Ike Perlmutter and two other Mar-a-Lago cronies are secretly shaping the Trump administration’s veterans policies. “Trump appears to select for greed and dishonesty in his cronies”: The whole Republican Party seems to be going to jail now (and more). This is the way Paul Ryan’s speakership ends: The Republican leader is walking away — don’t ask him about Trump anymore. “Please stop calling House Republicans cowards. They are Trump’s willing and active partners”.

To Trump fans, #MAGA is more than a slogan — it’s an aesthetic. Trump has caused an identity crisis for American militias. Trump’s allies struggle to stop QAnon’s spread. Despite Trump’s rhetoric, his talking points rely heavily on fake news. Amusing ourselves to Trump: We are buried under ignorance disguised as information.

“There’s always a tweet” (and more).