Alasdair S. Roberts (UMass): Shaking Hands With Hitler: What American Public Administration Learned From Engagement With Fascism. Neil K. Komesar (Wisconsin) and Wendy E. Wagner (Texas): The Administrative Process from the Bottom Up: Reflections on the Role, If Any, for Judicial Review. Maria Ponomarenko (NYU): Administrative Rationality Review. White House counts on Kavanaugh in battle against “administrative state”. Francis Fukuyama on the decline of American public administration: After a period of innovation and creativity driven by economists, the field of public administration seems to have lost its way again.

Katja Doose (Birmingham): Spitak: The Last Petrified Soviet Utopia. Lula: There is a right-wing coup underway in Brazil. “No such thing”: China denies U.N. reports of Uighur detention camps. The Trump administration is launching stealth attacks on veterans. “Beautiful” and “lovely”: Trump tweets reflect fixation on women’s appearances. Trump has no black senior White House staff. Convergence is worse than collusion: Trump and Putin share many more goals than just Trump’s election. On Periscope, Alex Jones tells supporters to get their “battle rifles” ready against antifa, the mainstream media, and “Chicom operatives”. Turkey’s economy is on a collision course with reality (and more). How three conspiracy theorists took Q and sparked Qanon.

From Vox, the 11 juiciest anecdotes from Omarosa’s gossipy Trump tell-all; and did Omarosa’s secret recordings break the law? Trump campaign launches new legal action against Omarosa. If Trump thinks his non-disclosure agreement with Omarosa is binding, he better think again (and more). Donald Trump hires the worst people, according to Trump. Trump calling Omarosa a “dog” isn’t just racist or sexist — it’s part of a pattern (and more). Trump vs Omarosa: Why is a woman who does something disagreeable dismissed as “crazy”? “People are terrified”: Trump staffers live in fear of Omarosa’s next tape. “He created Omarosa”: How Trump’s protegee turned his tactics against him. Trump is right to be scared of an n-word tape. Carlos Lozada: I read six sycophantic pro-Trump books — and then I read Omarosa.

From the Washington Monthly, Andrew Levison on what Democrats still don’t get about winning back the white working class. The next populist revolution will be Latino: Democrats are betting on a diversifying electorate to secure their party’s future, but second-generation Latinos won’t willingly accept a deeply unequal society. Democrats must reclaim the center — by moving hard left. Are Democratic voters abandoning capitalism for socialism? Kate Aronoff on why the Democratic Socialists of America won’t stop growing. Democratic socialists are conquering the Left — but do they believe in democracy? (and more) The pragmatic Left is winning: For once, Democrats are not in disarray. Who’s afraid of Nancy Pelosi? (and more)

No more Mr. Nice Party: The core of Avenatti’s message is resistance requires ruthlessness; his words may strike some as harsh and indelicate — but can anyone honestly say his words are false? From NYRB, Bill McKibben: “Let me explain why I’m laying my own anger aside and hoping everyone else will do the same — why it’s important to distinguish between ‘the DNC’ or ‘the Democrats’, on the one hand, and whoever is running for office in your local district, on the other”.

“That means that IF (it’s a big if) the Dems succeed in 2020, they will have to accomplish perhaps more than any Congress in history in order to (a) preserve a democratic system; (b) fix the structural problems in the economy such as wealth distribution, SS, and healthcare, including Medicare; and (c) do what can be done at this late date to ameliorate global warming”. Green Party candidate was on state GOP payroll. “The Green Party may prove to have burned the planet”.