Sherman J. Clark (Michigan): Why Sports Law? Doriane Lambelet Coleman (Duke): Sex in Sport. Sport meets philosophy: William Skidelsky reviews Knowing the Score: How Sport Teaches Us About Philosophy (and Philosophy about Sport) by David Papineau. Pulling back the curtain on the labor of professional sport: An excerpt from Game Misconduct: Injury, Fandom, and the Business of Sport by Nathan Kalman-Lamb. Pau Gasol writes an open letter about female coaches. American sports needs more fair-weather fans: Why you should root for great teams and great players — and abandon your sad-sack local franchise. The sports world needs its #MeToo moment. Welcome to our new gambling hell, sports fans.

Patrick S. Shin (Suffolk): Sex and Gender Segregation in Competitive Sport: Internal and External Normative Perspectives. Kevin M. Kniffin (Cornell) and Michelle Scalise Sugiyama (Oregon): Toward a Natural History of Team Sports. Taiji Harashima (Kanazawa Seiryo): Superstars in Team Sports: An Economic Model. Will Leitch on the sports miracle named Serena. British economists prove it: Sports destroy happiness. No sweatpants in public: Ken Belson goes inside the rule books for N.F.L. cheerleaders. “Who can explain the athletic heart?” The past and perilous future of Sports Illustrated. Elizabeth Sharrow on taking women college athletes seriously in the political arena.

Joe Cobbs (Northern Kentuc) and B. David Tyler (Western Carolina): The Genesis of Team Rivalry in the New World: Sparks to Fan Animosity in Major League Soccer. Maayan Sudai (Harvard): The Testosterone Rule: Constructing Fairness in Professional Sport. Staggering number of LGBTQ teens are excluded from school sports, new study finds. The right to play: Zach Schreiber on how sports leagues worldwide interfere with the fundamental right to work. Devereaux Peters: “I’m a WNBA player. Men won’t stop challenging me to play one-on-one”. Why does women’s basketball trigger so much fragile masculinity? How Olympic athletes grapple with life once the thrill is gone.

Mary Anne Case (Chicago): Heterosexuality as a Factor in the Long History of Women’s Sports. Victoria Bolgova, Mayya Vinopal, Natalia Nikitina, and Tatyana Pustokhina (Moscow State): Pretty is as Pretty Plays: The Influence of Physical Attractiveness on the Transfer Value of Football Players. Football players are protesting police violence, not the anthem. Why aren’t we talking about football’s culture of brutality? Sex, sport, and why track and field’s new rules on intersex athletes are essential. Lindsay Sarah Krasnoff on how basketball became the world’s second-biggest sport.

Tracey Carter (Belmont): It Is a Mindboggling Dilemma: To Play or Not to Play Youth Sports Due to Concussion Risks? Dionne L. Koller (Baltimore): A Twenty-First-Century Olympic and Amateur Sports Act. Sex, sport, and why track and field’s new rules on intersex athletes are essential. It might be impossible to be an ethical sports fan.

Ian Hornsby (Chichester): Comics as Philosophy. Tuomas K. Pernu (King’s College): Can Physics Make Us Free? Bruce Riedel on the Maldives: A crisis in paradise. Tania Singer is the world’s most renowned empathy researcher — and is alleged to have been harassing employees for years. Marjorie Perloff on what the Avital Ronell affair says about the state of the profession. Abigail Nussbaum on why Louis CK should never be allowed on a comedy stage again (and more). Trump promised Kim Jong Un he’d sign an agreement to end the Korean War. The Trump administration’s new “Iran Action Group” won’t work for these 3 reasons. The U.S. has blood on its hands in Yemen, and can’t wash it off. Damon Linker on the unbearable ugliness of the Catholic Church.

From GQ, Christopher Hooks on Beto O’Rourke vs. Ted Cruz and the race for America. The first openly transgender gubernatorial nominee from a major party is getting death threats. Oklahoma teachers just purged the statehouse of their enemies. Who is Andrew Gillum? Meet Florida’s history-making Democratic nominee for governor. Andrew Gillum’s primary victory in Florida shows that winning the 2018 midterms will be all about turnout. Is being authentic, progressive, and inclusive a winning strategy for Democrats? The November election is about much more than just Trump.

Trump’s continued indolent response to Hurricane Maria is our worst fears about him come true. U.S. is denying passports to Americans along the border, throwing their citizenship into question. Mollie Tibbetts’s father decries vitriol against Hispanics, saying they’re ‘Iowans with better food”. The exploitation of Mollie Tibbetts’s death shows how casually we now accept the U.S. president’s racial aggression. Unless it’s about him, Trump doesn’t give a darn. Joan Biskupic on how Don McGahn helped ensure Donald Trump’s legacy. Republicans are ditching Trump — but what will it take for the floodgates to truly open? How to indict President Trump (if it’s even possible), explained with a flowchart. Yes, it’s possible to indict a sitting U.S. president — here’s why. The end of impunity: What Democrats can do with subpoena power.