Dawid Bunikowski (Eastern Finland): The Crisis in Poland, Schmittian Questions, and Kaczynski’s Political and Legal Philosophy. It happened there: How democracy died in Hungary. When fascists turn violent: In Greece, a mob assault on a liberal mayor offers a disturbing view of where the current uptick in right-wing extremism can lead. Is Germany’s new anti-Semitism really new? Five takeaways about the Swedish election — and the far-Right wave across Europe. What a long day, now pizza: It’s hard to beat a fascism so tailor-made to the present moment, so well-adapted to the gaps in media coverage and the weakness of oppositional popular movements. The far Right aims to take control of the E.U. next year.

Germany’s Nazi past is still present: It is often held up as a model liberal democracy that has fully reckoned with its horrendous crimes — it hasn’t. A warning from Europe — the worst is yet to come: Recent events in the United States follow a pattern Europeans know all too well. E.U.’s leadership seeks to contain Hungary’s Orban. Sweden was long seen as a “moral superpower” — that may be changing. Is Poland retreating from democracy? A debate about the country’s past has revealed sharply divergent views of its future. The threat posed by Europe’s far-Right surge is much bigger than one election.

Steve Bannon claims to be the mastermind of European nationalism — don’t believe the hype. Trumpism in Europe’s mainstream: European elites criticise Trump yet echo his extremist agenda — as well as hypocritical, this is perilous to democracy.

Regina Queiroz (NOVA): Individual Liberty and the Importance of the Concept of the People. Richard E. Lee (SUNY Binghamton): Lessons of the Longue Duree: The Legacy of Fernand Braudel. The Brazilian elite’s plan to destroy the Workers’ Party has failed. Fernando Haddad is the man standing between Brazil and authoritarianism. Devin Nunes’s family farm moved to Iowa, employs undocumented workers. NAFTA is now USMCA: The good, the bad, and the meh (and more). Trump makes minor trade deal, declares world-historic victory. Why Indonesia’s tsunami was so deadly: A massive 18-foot tsunami has killed more than 1,200 in Indonesia, and the toll may still rise. Why was the color violet rarely used by artists before the 1860s?

Rachel Mitchell’s former colleague slams her Kavanaugh memo as “absolutely disingenuous”. Rachel Mitchell is not very good at propaganda. Brett Kavanaugh’s lies are catching up with him. The angry white male caucus: Trumpism is all about the fear of losing traditional privilege. Lyz Lenz on Christine Blasey Ford and the empty language of bravery. Republicans think Kavanaugh is energizing their base — he’s also energizing the opposition. The man who gave his Supreme Court seat to Donald Trump is very upset about incivility (and more). Brett Kavanaugh is Patient Zero: President Trump’s nominee would bring a virus of illegitimacy and partisanship to the Supreme Court.

Susan Orr (SUNY-Brockport) and James Johnson (Rochester): What’s a Political Theorist to Do? Rawls, the Fair Value of the Basic Political Liberties, and the Collapse of the Distinction Between “Ideal” and “Nonideal” Theory. Robert Jubb (Reading): Norms, Evaluations and Ideal and Nonideal Theory. David Wiens (UCSD): The Best and the Rest: On the Role of Ideals in Comparative Evaluation. Tyler Vanwulven (Georgia State): A Marxian Critique of Nonideal Theory. Alexandre Gajevic Sayegh (UCL): Justice in a Non-Ideal World. Jonathan Leader Maynard and Alex Worsnip (UNC): Is There a Distinctively Political Normativity?

Saad Malook (Punjab): The Post-Rawlsian Political Philosophy: A Critique of the Realist Standpoint. Philip Pettit (ANU): Political Realism Meets Civic Republicanism. Carlo Burelli (Genoa): No Rest for the Wicked: Political Realism and the Inevitability of Conflict. Roberto Frega (CNRS): Democracy and the Limits of Political Realism. Mathias Thaler (Edinburgh): Hope Abjuring Hope: On the Place of Utopia in Realist Political Theory. Eva Erman (Stockholm) and Niklas Moller (KTH): Political Legitimacy for Our World: Where is Political Realism Going?