Hans Arentshorst (Jyvaskyla): Perspectives on Freedom: Normative and Political Views on the Preconditions of a Free Democratic Society. David S. Law (WUSTL): Alternatives to Liberal Constitutional Democracy. Natasha Piano (Chicago): Revisiting Democratic Elitism: The Italian School of Elitism, American Political Science and the Problem of Plutocracy. Balamatsias Pavlos (Ioannina): Democracy and Government Spending. Christopher Claassen (Glasgow): In the Mood for Democracy? Democratic Support as Thermostatic Opinion. Anthoula Malkopoulou and Ludvig Norman (Uppsala): Three Models of Democratic Self-Defence: Militant Democracy and Its Alternatives.

Daniela Cammack (Yale): The Kratos in Demokratia. Seva Gunitsky (Toronto): Democratic Waves in Historical Perspective. Samuel Bagg (McGill): Beyond the Search for the Subject: An Anti-Essentialist Ontology for Liberal Democracy. Pettit Philip (ANU): Democracy before, in, and after Schumpeter. Barry R. Weingast (Stanford): From High to Low Stakes Politics: Should Majoritarians Embrace Countermajoritarian Constitutional Provisions? Michael Albertus and Victor Menaldo on how flawed constitutions undermine democracy.

Antonio Dieguez (Malaga) and Carissa Veliz (Oxford): Would Moral Enhancement Limit Freedom? Bottom up ethics: Neuroenhancement in education and employment. From Congressional Research Service, a report on Brazil’s presidential election. Emptywheel’s Marcy Wheeler knows more than she tells, but she tells a lot. Should art be a battleground for social justice? In 2018, culture is being evaluated for its moral correctness more than for its quality. The US is tearing up a friendship treaty with Iran you probably didn’t know existed. “I was always interested in capitalism”: Marlon Lieber interviews Walter Benn Michaels. “Sokal Squared”: Is huge publishing hoax “hilarious and delightful” or an ugly example of dishonesty and bad faith? Move over, Sokal Hoax (and more).

After budget cuts, the IRS’ work against tax cheats is facing “collapse”: Audits and criminal referrals are down sharply since Congress cut the tax agency’s budget and management changed priorities. Donald Trump: Crappy businessman, great con artist. Trump even inherited his self-made myth. Helaine Olen on Donald Trump’s grotesque fraud. We knew Trump was incredibly corrupt — turns out he may also be an epic tax cheat. Decades of Trump family tax fraud doesn’t bother conservatives who demanded Obama be “vetted”. Fox News spins Trump’s massive inheritance fraud as a good thing. Thread: “Here's, perversely, the problem w investigative journalism in midst democratic backsliding”. Kyle Pope on the Times Trump investigation and the power of the long game.

Will Trump and Republicans be able to keep the FBI’s Kavanaugh report secret? If Kavanaugh is confirmed, every single GOP justice on the SCOTUS will have been appointed illegitimately. Everyone expects Murkowski and Collins to do the right thing — that lets Republican men off the hook. New poll shows that Republicans have become the party of #MeToo backlash. The new face of men’s rights: Trump and other Republicans say Brett Kavanaugh is being victimized by #MeToo — and they’re expressing male solidarity in defending him. Bonnie Mann on Trump’s new taunt, Kavanaugh’s defense and how misogyny rules. Senators, if you think you are “appalled” now, just wait.

The cruelty is the point: President Trump and his supporters find community by rejoicing in the suffering of those they hate and fear. The news this week confirms it: Donald Trump is the worst person ever to be president.