From Vox, the battle over early voting, explained: Making voting more convenient is surprisingly controversial; and the surge in early voting, explained: More than 20 million Americans have already cast a ballot ahead of Election Day. Young and new voters surge in early voting. Midterm elections: Mapping out what issues Americans care about. Congress has no clue what Americans want: People in the U.S. House and Senate have wildly inaccurate perceptions of our opinions and preferences. At Trump rallies, women see a hero protecting a way of life. Anxiety high in campaign’s final days as voters prepare to render judgment on Trumpism.

In midterms, the right to vote is still at issue, too. Big Tech and the midterms: The scary thing is what we still don’t know. It's not a blue wave — it's a realignment of American politics. “Blowing smoke”: Sorry, pundits, but you have no clue what will happen on Tuesday. Andrew Gelman on why it can be rational to vote.

Etienne Billette de Villemeur (Lille) and Pierre-Olivier Pineau (Montreal): Frugals, Militants and the Oil Market. Martha S. Jones on the real origins of birthright citizenship. What Americans really think about birthright citizenship. How Tom Steyer built the biggest political machine you’ve never heard of. Could this Democratic dark money group fuel a tea party of the Left? What to know about the Tallahassee yoga studio attack. U.S. law enforcement failed to see the threat of white nationalism — now they don’t know how to stop it. U.S. sanctions against Iran just got tougher — what happens now? Idleness as flourishing: It is hard work to write a book, so there is unavoidable irony in fashioning a volume on the value of being idle.

Why cities dominate the modern world: Economic, technological and networking changes wrought by globalization have made cities the center of our world. Are “global cities” an antidote to populism and nationalism? Istanbul offers some hope. An inversion of nature: How air conditioning created the modern city. Are cities an environmental curse or blessing? Yes. This company wants to build a giant indoor farm next to every major city in the world: Vertical farming may finally be growing up. Empty half the Earth of its humans — it’s the only way to save the planet: There are now twice as many people as 50 years ago but, as EO Wilson has argued, they can all survive — in cities.