Lionel Fatton (Webster): “Japan is Back”: Autonomy and Balancing Amidst an Unstable China–U.S.–Japan Triangle. Japan’s successful economic model: Japan’s GDP growth lags most other developed economies, and will likely continue to do so as the population slowly declines — but what matters for human welfare is GDP per capita, and on this front, the country excels. What global slowdown? Japan Inc. is roaring ahead. Japan’s recovery is the greatest economic success story never told. Big tech warns of “Japan’s millennium bug” ahead of Akihito's abdication: Emperor’s 2019 exit will be first era change of information age, and switchover could be as big as Y2K say industry figures.

Margaret H. Freeman (MICA): The Aesthetics of Human Cognition. Why the Google walkout was a watershed moment in tech. “We were never taught”: Young Jews in the U.S. encounter anti-Semitism firsthand. Is it safe to be Jewish in New York? Hate crimes in the city are largely driven by incidents of anti-Semitism — and the aggressors don’t conform to an easy profile. The politics of Latinx recognition: A new fluid, multiracial and multicultural identity is emerging in American politics. J.C. Pan reviews The Personality Brokers: The Strange History of Myers-Briggs and the Birth of Personality Testing by Merve Emre. Eleanor Tremeer on why we need utopian fiction now more than ever.

Margaret Hartmann on the complete history of President Trump’s feud with Jeff Sessions. Why Jeff Sessions’ ouster as attorney general is so important. A history of new acting AG Whitaker’s war on the Mueller probe (and more). Sessions’s ouster throws future of special counsel probe into question. What Jeff Sessions’s resignation could mean for the Mueller investigation. What does Jeff Sessions’s ouster mean for Robert Mueller? Here are 3 scenarios. What would happen if Trump resists an investigation by the Democratic House? There could be a major conflict and even a slow-motion constitutional crisis.

From FiveThirtyEight, Clare Malone on how election night defied a single takeaway. Here are the big midterm election races that are still undecided. From Vox, Muslim women, Native Americans, and LGBTQ candidates had a night of historic wins; but why wasn’t the blue wave bigger? Democrats won the popular vote in House races by a big margin — there is a reason that didn’t translate to more seats. How the midterms altered the 2020 redistricting landscape. What the 2018 midterms mean for the Democrats’ gerrymandering dilemma. For the first time in a century, there is only one divided state legislature in America.