From the Congressional Research Service, a report on Poverty in the United States in 2017: In Brief. David Brady (UC-Riverside): Theories of the Causes of Poverty. Americans want to believe jobs are the solution to poverty — they’re not. Social Security, food stamps, and other programs kept 44 million people out of poverty last year. What are the biggest signs that a community’s children will remain poor? David Leonhardt on a one-question quiz on the poverty trap. The Poor People’s Campaign calls out “policy violence”: The campaign wants to advance a new understanding of poverty as a traumatic experience inflicted by policy-makers. Covering poverty: What to avoid and how to get it right.

Pietro Maffettone (Durham): Egalitarianism and the Great Recession: A Tale of Missed Connections? Here’s what you need to know about Sri Lanka’s escalating political crisis. The world must finally give us Rohingya a say in our fate. Anti-Jewish hate crimes increased by 37% in 2017, according to a new FBI report. Rachael Dottle, Ella Koeze and Julia Wolfe on the 2018 midterms, in 4 charts. First issue for Democrats next year: Election and ethics reform. It’s time for a new Voting Rights Act. Jared Bernstein on the midterms and the economy: Slower growth ahead. Remember the caravan? After vote, focus on migrants fades. Why Amazon and Google chose New York City instead of a place that needs them more. Amazon’s DC challenge: Finding all those workers.

Federico Merke and Diego Reynoso (San Andres) and Luis Schenoni (Notre Dame): Foreign Policy Change in Latin America: Exploring a Middle Range Concept. Jose Antonio Ocampo (Columbia) and Eduardo Bastian and Marcos Reis (UFRJ): The Myth of the “Latin American Decade”. Economy on a steady rise in Latin America and Caribbean region “despite international turbulence”. Latin America looks past the U.S. on trade. The death of an entire system of political rule: On the elections in Mexico. Mexico’s new president has a radical plan to end the drug war. Latin America has an open-door policy for Venezuelan refugees. A lesson from Bolivia: Evo Morales has done remarkable things for his country — but now, he is rejecting term limits and Bolivians are taking to the streets to stand up for the rule of law.

What the hell happened to Brazil? Why Brazilians elected an aspiring dictator. Mariana Prandini Assis and Ana Carolina Ogando on gender ideology and the Brazilian elections. Democracy is at risk in Latin America and the far Right is moving in — here’s how it went wrong for the Left.