From LARB, Gabriel Winant reviews Labor and the Class Idea in the United States and Canada by Barry Eidlin. America’s missing labor party: David Sessions reviews A History of America in Ten Strikes by Erik Loomis (and more). What would Frances Perkins do? Thomas A. Kochan on a new forward-looking labor and employment policy. Why labor is a foreign policy issue: Why the world needs a Paris climate agreement for labor to help unions. Sarah Jones on a Paris agreement for the workers of the world. Martin H. Malin (Chicago-Kent) and Catherine Fisk (UC-Berkeley): After Janus. Melvyn Dubofsky on Janus and the future of organized labor. There may never be a better time to unionize your workplace — do it now.

David Shoemaker (Tulane) and Kevin P. Tobia (Yale): Personal Identity. The Khashoggi killing had roots in a cutthroat Saudi family feud. Your children’s Yellowstone will be radically different. This is how the government is war-gaming what happens if it wins the meaningful vote on Brexit. Why Brexit is tearing the United Kingdom apart: Jen Kirby interviews Anand Menon, co-author of Brexit and British Politics. Connecticut’s new governor, Ned Lamont, has a name that might sound familiar. Martial law in Ukraine could be a death sentence for its democracy. In what possible way could airports be considered inferior to actual cities, nowadays? Mass suffering is incredibly hard to get people to care about — here’s why.

The strange ethics of killing John Allen Chau: What the violent death of an American missionary on a far-flung island might say about the rest of us. “First contact”: What a missionary’s death tells us about the perils of colonialism.

Stephen Manning (Innovation Law Lab) and Juliet P. Stumpf (Lewis & Clark): Big Immigration Law. Matthew J. Lister (Deakin): Can the Rule of Law Apply at the Border? A Commentary on Paul Gowder’s The Rule of Law in the Real World. Lindsay Nash (Yeshiva): Universal Representation. Asad Asad (Cornell): Deportation Decisions: Judicial Decision-Making in an American Immigration Court; and On the Radar: System Embeddedness and Latin American Immigrants’ Perceived Risk of Deportation. Judge stops Trump from enforcing asylum ban. What Trump “closing the border” might actually look like. The migration disconnect: Stephanie Leutert on why Central Americans will keep on heading to the United States. How a march at the US-Mexico border descended into tear gas and chaos.