From the Nordic Journal of Applied Ethics, a special issue on Globalization, Cosmopolitanism, and Migration: Ethics of Inclusion and Exclusion. Thomas Carnes (USMA): The Right to Exclude Immigrants Does Not Imply the Right to Exclude Newcomers by Birth. Katherine Clayton, Jeremy Ferwerda, and Yusaku Horiuchi (Dartmouth): Exposure to Immigration and Admission Preferences: Evidence From France. Mary Bosworth (Oxford): Affect and Authority in Immigration Detention. UN compact recognizes climate change as driver of migration for first time. Is the U.N.’s new migration compact a major breakthrough? The global migration pact isn’t what populists say it is. Ignore the lies about the UN migration pact — it’s the only responsible solution to a changing world.

Gro Mjeldheim Sandal (Bergen), Fons J. R. van deVijver (Tilburg), and Nathan Smith (Manchester): Psychological Hibernation in Antarctica. The Medicare-for-all paradox: Passing single-payer means disrupting health insurance for 160 million people who get coverage through their jobs. Brexit Britain — small, boring and stupid: The UK better get used to being a middling power. British officials line up for second referendum. Sarah Grant and Chuck Rosenberg on the Steele dossier: A retrospective. How Nancy Pelosi put down a rebellion and allowed everyone to win. Meet the Bottomless Pinocchio, a new rating for a false claim repeated over and over again. Why don’t more humans eat bugs?

YouTube’s conspiracy theory crisis, explained: Why a Democratic representative asked Google’s CEO about the most bizarre conspiracy theory you’ve never heard of. Why YouTube’s biggest star can’t be canceled. PewDiePie’s ties to white supremacy spell serious trouble for the future of YouTube. YouTube already knows how to stop serving toxic videos.

From PUP, the first chapter from The Internet Trap: How the Digital Economy Builds Monopolies and Undermines Democracy by Matthew Hindman. How monopolies have flourished — and undermined democracy: Ganesh Sitaraman reviews The Curse of Bigness: Antitrust in the New Gilded Age by Tim Wu (and more and more and more and more and more). Tim Wu on the case for breaking up Facebook and Instagram. Russell Brandom on the monopoly-busting case against Google, Amazon, Uber, and Facebook. Should we break up the tech giants? Not if you ask the economists who take money from them. Can we scale down Big Tech? We need to go beyond trustbusting to rein in Silicon Valley. Big Tech’s reckoning may be imminent after all.

The monopolization of America: In one industry after another, big companies have become more dominant over the past 15 years, new data show. The battle over monopoly power is just beginning: Old legal definitions of antitrust seem inadequate in an economy ruled by dominant companies.

Julia M. Puaschunder (Harvard): Artificial Intelligence Evolution: On the Virtue of Killing in the Artificial Age. Stephen Hawking’s final warning for humanity: AI is coming for us. The five most worrying trends in artificial intelligence right now. Ryan Metz on what you have to fear from artificial intelligence. How frightened should we be of A.I.? Thinking about artificial intelligence can help clarify what makes us human — for better and for worse. An AI wake-up call from ancient Greece: Those who warn about the potential dangers and unintended consequences of artificial intelligence and machine learning are right to invoke Pandora and her jar of miseries.

The genius neuroscientist who might hold the key to true AI. Is neuroscience a bigger threat than artificial intelligence? In the future, automation will disrupt your job and AI will try to hack your brain and probably sooner than you think — Yuval Noah Harari explains why the best preparation has nothing to do with learning to code or building a bunker. How we can prepare for catastrophically dangerous AI — and why we can’t wait.

Kathleen Thelen (MIT): Regulating Uber: The Politics of the Platform Economy in Europe and the United States. Dozens of bomb threats reported across America in apparent Bitcoin ransom scam. The prophets of cryptocurrency survey the boom and bust: Nick Paumgarten goes inside the ongoing argument over whether Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the blockchain are transforming the world. Bronwen Maddox on how the Brexit drama is changing Britain. Just hold another referendum: There’s nothing democratic about forcing through a Brexit deal that voters in 2016 probably wouldn't have approved. For Emmanuel Macron, how did things get so bad, so fast? The 2018 Golden Dukes Awards nominees are here.

Opioid nation: Marcia Angell reviews Pain Killer: An Empire of Deceit and the Origin of America’s Opioid Epidemic by Barry Meier; Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors, and the Drug Company That Addicted America by Beth Macy; American Overdose: The Opioid Tragedy in Three Acts by Chris McGreal; and American Fix: Inside the Opioid Addiction Crisis — and How to End It by Ryan Hampton, with Claire Rudy Foster.

From Politico, how everything became the culture war: America’s petty tribal arguments are now driving the bus on serious policy — here’s why we should worry; and America’s political tribes, 2018: A field guide to the new culture-war players of the Trump era. Political tribalism: Michelle Baddeley on the art of divide and rule. Ezra Klein on the political tribalism of Andrew Sullivan. Lambeth Hochwald interviews Steve Kornacki, author of The Red and the Blue: The 1990s and the Birth of Political Tribalism (and more). When it comes to divisive tribalism, both sides don’t do it. America’s problem isn’t tribalism — it’s racism. “Tribalism” doesn’t explain our political conflicts — the term is trendy but vacuous.

American politics could use more conflict: Decrying “tribalism” is a favorite pastime of American elites, but the real problem is the unity among them.

From The Believer, a symposium on the modern family. America is blaming pregnant women for their own deaths: What is it like to face dying during childbirth in the richest country in the world in the 21st century? Philip Cohen (Maryland): The Coming Divorce Decline. Finding decent child care is a huge struggle for some families, new report shows. Cynthia Grant Bowman (Cornell): How Should the Law Treat Couples Who Live Apart Together? Your child, your choice: How the United States made parenting impossible. Antony Dnes (Florida Southern): Economics and Family Law. How you think about raising children says a lot about your political views.

Robin Fretwell Wilson (Illinois) and Shaakirrah Sanders (Idaho): By Faith Alone: When Religion and Child Welfare Collide. Can people be saved from a terrible childhood? US researchers have found early intervention can help prevent negative experiences in infancy turning into long-term health risks. Why bother to bear children in a world wracked by climate change?

Domenica Bruni, Pietro Perconti and Alessio Plebe (Messina): Anti-anthropomorphism and Its Limits. From the Congressional Research Service, a report on Shutdown of the Federal Government: Causes, Processes, and Effects. What does it mean to “speak as a woman”? The single fatal flaw in the legal argument against indicting a sitting president. Has Haiti lost nearly all of its forest? It’s complicated. How US billionaires are fuelling the hard-right cause in Britain. Sebastian Mallaby on the bright side of Britain’s Brexit chaos. Is Sherrod Brown running in the 2020 presidential elections? The introduction to Dark Commerce: How a New Illicit Economy is Threatening Our Future by Louise I. Shelley.

Dan Slater (Michigan) and Aries A. Arugay (Philippines): Polarizing Figures: Executive Power and Institutional Conflict in Asian Democracies. Josselin Canevet reviews Khaki Capital: The Political Economy of the Military of Southeast Asia, ed. Paul Chambers and Napisa Waitoolkiat. Franky K.H. Choi (CUHK): How to Establish a Good Government? Lessons from Lee Kuan Yew in Singapore and Deng Xiaoping in China. Ward Berenschot (KITLV): The Political Economy of Clientelism: A Comparative Study of Indonesia’s Patronage Democracy. Three charts that explain boom in Southeast Asia’s net economy.

Thomas Talhelm (Chicago): Hong Kong Liberals are Weird: Analytic Thought Increases Support for Liberal Policies. How Aung San Suu Kyi lost her way: The former champion of democracy and human rights now tours the globe excusing the government’s record of atrocity. Southeast Asia’s populism is different but also dangerous. China has always wielded significant influence in Southeast Asia; lately, though, as the West turns its attention elsewhere, Beijing has been seeking to solidify its economic and political clout in the region.

From Congressional Research Service, a report on the U.S. Nuclear Weapons Complex: Overview of Department of Energy Sites. How Obama made it easier for Trump to launch a nuke — maybe we should talk about this? Meet the nuclear weapons nerds. Cynthia Lazaroff on the dawn of a new Armageddon. The vanishing nuclear taboo? Nina Tannenwald on how disarmament fell apart. Why the arms race is still white hot decades after the Cold War ended — and how to stop it. Can Trump abrogate the INF Treaty without Congress? Why nuclear weapons are shaping up as a big 2020 campaign issue.