From Intelligencer, Eric Levitz on how the Right’s case against soaking the rich is dirt poor; and we don’t need more moral elites — we need less powerful ones. What ads in the New Yorker magazine tell us about the American oligarchy. Why aren’t rich people happy with the money they have? America’s 1% hasn’t controlled this much wealth since before the Great Depression. Loopholes allow families to pass money from generation to generation — forever. Do we really need billionaires? Lyta Gold and Lizzy Price on 11 billionaires who need shaming. If the rich really want to “do good”, they should become class traitors like FDR. America needs economic rights — now is the time to push for them.

Sandra Kroger (Exeter): Assessing the Democratic Legitimacy of the 2016 Brexit Referendum. Here are 9 experts on Theresa May’s “Plan B” and what’s next for Brexit. Matt Zapotosky and Devlin Barrett go inside the Mueller team’s decision to dispute BuzzFeed’s explosive story on Trump and Cohen. Questions about BuzzFeed story give Team Trump “fake news” ammo. The huge problem with Mueller’s Trump-Russia probe that no one talks about. What to expect the public will see from the Mueller report. Esther Wang on the state of the women’s march. Citizenship v. the surveillance state: We have surrendered the cherished value of “innocent until proven guilty” for the security logic that we are all “risky until proven safe”.

From NYRB, what we lost: A review essay on Martin Luther King by Annette Gordon-Reed. The MLK speech we need today is not the one we remember most. Asad Haider on Martin Luther King Jr. and the meaning of emancipation. Eminent domain, the big-government tactic Trump needs to use to build the wall, explained. Resisting the lure of the “feel-good” shutdown story. How the shutdown will inflict lasting damage. Anonymous federal employees call for strike to end shutdown. Paul Krugman on the Ocasio-Cortez effect on policy discourse (and more and more and more). “The smile is what stays with you”: MAGA boy taunting Native man Nathan Phillips is very familiar (and more). Obituary: Nathan Glazer, urban sociologist and outspoken intellectual.