Susana Monso and Judith Benz-Schwarzburg (VUW) and Annika Bremhorst (Bern): Animal Morality: What It Means and Why It Matters. Are insects “philosophical zombies” with no inner life? Close attention to their behaviours and moods suggests otherwise. Paul McLaughlin (FAMU): If Animals are Like Our Children Let Us Treat Them Alike: Creating Tests of an Animal’s Intelligence for Determinations of Legal Personhood. An elephant’s personhood on trial: A legal case involving a famous solitary elephant poses a fundamental question about animals’ rights. Will Kymlicka (Queen’s): Human Rights without Human Supremacism. Francois Jaquet (Stockholm): A Debunking Argument Against Speciesism. Travis Timmerman (Seton Hall): You’re Probably Not Really a Speciesist.

Can we end animal farming forever? We could end factory farming this century: Kelsey Piper interviews Jacy Reese, author of The End of Animal Farming.

Nicolas Terry (Indiana): The Opioid Litigation Unicorn. Francisco Goldman on Jimmy Morales, a president against democracy in Guatemala. FBI agents are saying they can’t do their jobs because of the shutdown. Hating the government won’t improve it. What the “Both Sides Brigade” gets wrong about the shutdown. Where things stand with the government shutdown this week. The government shutdown (probably) isn’t ending any time soon. Here are 6 scenarios that could actually end the government shutdown. How the story of a clash between a boy in a MAGA hat and a Native American elder unfolded. Challenges for small literary journals: Editors consider how small publications can find support and reach audiences.

Severin Fowles (Barnard): The Evolution of Simple Society. John Bogle made investors richer — and the financial industry poorer. Kevin Drum on Rudy Giuliani, explained (and more and more and more). Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s tax hike idea is not about soaking the rich. AOC: A society with billionaires cannot be moral (and more). America’s teachers are furious: From West Virginia to Los Angeles, educators are ushering in a new era of labor activism. After Mueller gambit fails, Jacob Wohl goes full birther on Kamala Harris. The periodic table might have looked very different indeed. The left is pushing Democrats to embrace their greatest president — why that’s a good thing: Democrats should proudly trumpet the New Deal and extend it.