The college admissions scandal is even worse than you think. How the college admissions process became so corrupt. Inside the pricey, totally legal world of college consultants. The outrageously expensive world of college counseling services, explained. Get to know the rich assholes charged with paying millions in bribes to get their kids into college. Caught in the middle of their parents’ bribery schemes, students stay silent. It’s not just corruption: Entrance into elite US colleges is rigged in every way. Colleges can’t fix their unfair admissions process on their own. Why elite colleges should use a lottery to admit students. A 50-cent trick to help save the American Dream.

Does it matter where you go to college? Research suggests that elite colleges don’t really help rich white guys — but they can have a big effect if you’re not rich, not white, or not a guy. What the college admissions scandal reveals about the psychology of wealth in America. Meritocracy is a myth invented by the rich. Affirmative action and college admissions: “The problem with meritocracy is that it isn’t meritocratic”. How the college admissions scandal busts racist stereotypes about who gets into elite schools — and shows why we need affirmative action. Separate and unequal: The real education scandal is America’s affirmative action program for white people.

Prabhdeep Singh Kehal and Daniel Hirschman (Brown) and Ellen Berrey (Toronto): When Colleges Drop Affirmative Action: Trends in Admissions Policies and Student Enrollment at Selective U.S. Institutions, 1990-2016. What statistics can’t tell us in the fight over affirmative action at Harvard.

Robert G. Bone (Texas): Of Trolls, Orphans, and Abandoned Marks: What’s Wrong With Not Using Intellectual Property? Elizabeth Rosenblatt (UC-Davis): Fair Use as Resistance. Beto O’Rourke: Here’s why people think a guy who lost can win. There is no predicting who will win the Democratic nomination. Democrats have flipped the identity politics narrative. Howard Schultz says he grew up in a poor, rough place — those who lived there called it the “country club of projects”. Perry Bacon on the six wings of the Democratic Party. The importance of elsewhere: Kwame Anthony Appiah writes in defense of cosmopolitanism. The UK Parliament has voted to delay Brexit. The dying howls of British politics: Brexit has finally revealed Parliament’s pageantry for the charade it is.

Patrick Barry (Michigan): Numbers. Paul Campos (Colorado): A Constitution for the Age of Demagogues: Using the 25th Amendment to Remove an Unfit President. “Mom, when they look at me, they see dollar signs”: How rehab recruiters are luring recovering opioid addicts into a deadly cycle. We’re losing the war on corruption: Paul Manafort and Felicity Huffman are twin avatars of an elite that still acts with impunity. Why a lot of 2020 Democrats are nervous about the Mueller report. How to control a machine with your brain: A scientist’s work linking minds and machines helps a paralyzed woman escape her body. Generosity helps communities manage risk and cope with disasters — new research untangles the factors that lead people to help neighbors in need.